Helping Fiona to regain her confidence despite arthritis

Case Study

While arthritis is often believed to be something associated exclusively with the elderly, it’s actually a condition that around 10 million people are living with in the UK and it can affect people of all ages.

When she was just 26 years old, Fiona Neville from Cambridgeshire was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She was often in severe pain and experienced joint stiffness and discomfort; sometimes she had to ask her mum to help her with simple tasks including fastening buttons when dressing such was the pain she experienced in her hands and arms.

Now aged 32, when the pain was particularly bad, Fiona found it difficult to even walk for long periods of time and it was really starting to have an effect on her work too as Fiona explains:

“When my pain was at its worse, simple things like dressing and even holding a cup was difficult as my arthritis was most prevalent in my hands.

While I could drive, I was reluctant to do even simple things like driving to my friends. After a while, sitting and chatting with her I begin to feel very stiff and the pain started to develop so it made what should be a fun and enjoyable time uncomfortable.

I had good days and bad days, I tried my best to carry on at work, but sometimes it would make holding a knife difficult – when you work in a kitchen, that’s not great! I was prescribed painkillers to try to mask the pain; I had regular injections and took tramadol and paracetamol too.”

Following a recommendation, Fiona was introduced to cycloidal vibration therapy (CVT) from Niagara Therapy. NHC Cyclo-Therapy works on a three-dimensional “cycloidal vibration” which is non-invasive, giving a gentle and relaxing experience while stimulating the blood flow and muscles.

Following a demonstration by one of Niagara’s comfort advisors, John Levine at her home, Fiona started to feel the difference straight away.

“I was amazed with the difference just a short demonstration of NHC Cyclo-Therapy had made” explains Fiona. “I started to feel relaxed and it certainly eased my pain symptoms and joint stiffness which allowed me to walk around for far longer than I had done so before without experiencing any discomfort.”