Helping Jane Kirkbride overcome overcome her spinal cord injury

Case Study

Following a spinal cord injury in 2007 which left her tetraplegic, Jane Kirkbride used the Niagara NHC Cyclo-Therapy pad during her rehabilitation at the London Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) at Stanmore. Jane explains how the therapy pad has helped her:

“After I was discharged from Stanmore, I continued my rehabilitation in a nursing home where massage, ranging, stretching and splinting – alongside Botox therapy – worked well and there were always carers available to do it. It was also effective in the community, but was dependent on the continuity of carers capable of learning to do it well as I was always wary of inexperienced people damaging the integrity of my joints. But continuity in the community is hard to find and it isn’t always possible to give newcomers a proper induction.

However, with the Niagara NHC Cyclo-Therapy pad I was able to continue the beneficial massage therapy at home without the need for external help. Using the pad by resting my arms on the pad one at a time, I really started to feel a reduction in tension in my muscles in my arm, shoulder and across my back. The tension relief lasted for about two weeks which was fantastic. I also noticed a cosmetic benefit too, as my improved circulation had plumped up my fingers and compared to other treatments which had been necessary but painful, using the pad was pleasurable and was something I enjoyed using.

Furthermore, I anticipate ongoing use of the therapy pad will enable me to maintain my hand tone at the right balance between softness and power for me to achieve optimal function in carrying out the activities of my choice. Obviously, this will bring with it more autonomy and satisfaction in my everyday performance.”