Helping Rhoda to remain fit and active into her 80s

Case Study

Rhoda has been an advocate of the benefits of Niagara Therapy for over 40 years. Now aged 79, she has a number of health issues including COPD but believes, using Niagara Therapy’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy in her adjustable bed, riser recliner chair together with the portable hand unit have maintained her quality of life keeping her fit and active.

“I will be 80 years old this coming August. I not only live to tell my tale, but live well, thanks to my regular use of the amazingly wonderful Niagara Therapy.

There are plenty of us sprightly octogenarians out there these days, I understand, but without Niagara I don’t believe that I would be one of them!

My nickname is “snakehips”, as I love to dance, only being curtailed when I can no longer breathe easily. Having had TB in my twenties and now having COPD, four major operations through my life and of course being so old(!) this comes as no surprise. What is unusual is that, with all that, my oxygen levels are a massive and really healthy 98%.

My dancing is helped by my incredible mobility – I can touch my toes without the slightest hesitation; there is very little wear and tear on my spine and on good days I steam clean and vacuum my whole house!

I am interested in staying alive only while my quality of life can be maintained at a good standard, for which I am so grateful to my Niagara equipment.

My skin is quite soft; my hair so lustrous that it is overdue for a cut every six weeks and my nails so resilient and beautiful that people who don’t know me ask where I have them done!

I believe that, because I use my Niagara massage chair 3 times per day and an hour every night while I sleep in my postural Niagara bed the effects of my illnesses are kept at bay. In fact I’ve been using Niagara Therapy since 1974!

I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, not least for its help to me, but also its proven capabilities. There is nothing else as good on the market anywhere, as far as I know.”