Helping Steve increase his mobility following a stroke

Case Study

After a stroke which left him unable to walk, Steve Smith from Stevenage approached Niagara Therapy to see if our products could provide him with some pain relief and ease muscle tension. Steve had very little mobility in his legs and is a wheelchair user.

Following a demonstration from one of our sales advisors, Steve purchased a Blenheim riser recliner chair and a portable hand unit.

“My new chair is fantastic” explains Steve. “I use the NHC Cyclo-Therapy each day for a few minutes at a time on a variety of settings depending on how I feel. I notice the benefits almost straight away; it really helps me to relax and I’ve started to notice a difference with my breathing, my circulation is improving and I’ve started to notice some definite improvements with my mobility.”

Steve puts the improvement in his health down to a combination of NHC Cyclo-Therapy together with his determination to walk again!

“I view using the NHC Cyclo-Therapy as a mini-workout for me as since I started to use it, I’ve been feeling so much healthier. While I am still unable to walk unaided, I can move my wheelchair with my feet on the ground and can move myself from my wheelchair into my therapy chair, something I wasn’t able to do before.

“I would definitely recommend NHC Cyclo-Therapy to anyone in a similar situation to me as it has really made such a difference to my overall sense of health and well-being and my friends and family have been so impressed with my progress.”