Helping Susan to overcome Rheumatoid Arthritis

Case Study

Susan had been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for over 34 years and had been finding it difficult to get into and out of bed. In 2002 she bought an adjustable bed from Niagara Therapy to help with her mobility.

Now aged 66, Susan’s arthritis was also making it harder to get out of her armchair and so once again she turned to Niagara Therapy for help. One of our sales agents visited her to discuss our range of riser recliner chairs and how they might be able to help.

Commenting on her new purchase, Susan explains: “I knew that Niagara Therapy was a name I could trust to provide me with the right product. We had been very happy with our bed for a number of years and when I needed a riser recliner chair I had no hesitation in calling Niagara Therapy! The sales agent that visited was very helpful and informative explaining the best chair for my needs and going through the different fabrics available.”

One of the benefits Susan enjoyed was the unique NHC Cyclo-Therapy found in both Niagara Therapy’s range of beds and chairs. NHC Cyclo-Therapy works on a three-dimensional “cycloidal vibration” which is non-invasive, giving a gentle and relaxing experience while stimulating the blood flow and muscles. This helps to relieve the pain and sometimes debilitating associated symptoms for sufferers of a number of medical conditions including arthritis.

“I turn on the vibration massage in the bed whenever I need it” explains Susan. “If I feel my arthritis pain is particularly bad, I’ll use the therapy to help ease the symptoms. The bed has been a real life line for me, as it has really helped to give me back my sense of mobility. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Niagara Therapy products to anyone suffering from arthritis or those with mobility problems.”