Symptoms of COPD:

  • Increasing breathlessness during day to day activities
  • A persistent chesty cough
  • Frequent chest infections and/or chest tightness
  • Persistent wheezing, especially in cold weather

These symptoms can slowly become worse without proper COPD treatment.

COPD Causes

The primary cause of COPD (both emphysema and bronchitis) is smoking cigarettes, alongside regular exposure to tobacco smoke. Other causes include air pollution, such as dust and fumes, as well as infectious diseases and acquired genetic problems.

Middle-aged or older people who smoke are at a higher risk of getting COPD. Breathing problems start to become worse with the passage of time; however, different treatments and a change of lifestyle can help you control this condition.

Treating COPD

There is no cure for the root cause of COPD, but with an effective COPD treatment you can control your COPD symptoms.

Massage therapy can be an effective COPD treatment. Massaging the rib cage can improve shortness of breath, increase oxygen in the blood, build up respiratory muscles, reduce the flow of stress hormones, and improve pulmonary functions.

NHC Cyclo-Therapy’s massaging action provides a gentle but penetrating massage which helps mobilise congestion in the airways to improve chest clearance for easier breathing and reduced chest tightness.

How Niagara Therapy can help you to treat COPD

Start enjoying uninterrupted sleep and the freedom to be more active with NHC Cyclo-Therapy COPD treatment. Its cycloidal vibration spiral oscillation is a gentle but penetrating movement that stimulates the body’s natural systems.

You will benefit from improved chest clearance, (improved breathing and protection against infections) as well as having more relaxed respiratory muscles and reducing chest tension and anxiety.

Physiotherapy is used in many respiratory treatments to help clear and relax the chest, but NHC Cyclo-Therapy’s vibratory massage will achieve results, without even having to leave the house.

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About COPD

What is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a condition that affects the respiratory systems in the body. Breathing can become difficult as the airways become narrower because of inflammation.

Types of COPD

COPD can be divided into two subtypes:

The first and most common type of COPD is emphysema, which damages air sacs (alveoli) causing breathlessness, wheezing, mucus production, and ongoing fatigue.

The second COPD type is bronchitis, which affects the airways causing inflammation and irritation of the airways. This type of COPD results in a long term chesty cough, feeling of breathlessness, spitting up clear or white mucus, and chest tightness or discomfort.

Both these COPD conditions can also occur together.

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