Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Legs and Feet

Someone who suffers from poor circulation will experience a variety of discomforts, including pooling of fluid in extremities (toes, hands, and feet) as well as fatigue and achiness created by an accumulation of lactic acid. Here are some other symptoms of poor blood circulation:

  • Tingling, numbness or loss of sensation in the feet, toes, or legs
  • Throbbing or stinging pain in the lower leg or feet
  • Changes in skin temperature
  • Muscle cramps in legs, buttocks, or feet
  • Edema or swelling in the feet, legs and/or fingers
  • Varicose veins, leg ulcers and foot ulcers
  • Itchy skin on hands, legs, or feet
  • Changes in the colour of the skin

Diabetes Cause Poor Blood Circulation

People who suffer with diabetes can also suffer from poor blood circulation as a complication of the disease. Referred to as micro and macro-vascular disease, blood vessels in diabetes sufferers can become narrow, hard, and blocked. In the case of peripheral vascular disease, the poor circulation will occur mainly in the lower legs.

If people with diabetes experience high blood glucose levels over a prolonged period of time, plaque can form in their blood vessels. If plaque forms in the vessels, they will be unable to deliver a sufficient amount of blood to neighbouring cells thus resulting in poor circulation, specifically in legs and feet.

Treating Poor Circulation in Legs & Feet

Good circulation is essential for repairing muscles in the legs and feet. Cycloidal vibration can improve blood vessel dilation and stimulate blood flow in the limbs of diabetics. The massage function of our Cyclo-Therapy improves blood circulation in legs and feet by creating pressure to move through congested areas. The release of this pressure causes new blood to flow in the lower limbs. The squeezing and pulling of the therapy also flushes lactic acid from the muscles and improves the circulation of lymph fluid in the legs and feet. This carries metabolic waste way from the muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved bodily function.

Benefits of Improved Circulation

  • Enhances blood flow
  • Naturally lowers blood pressure
  • Improves bodily function

NHC Cyclo-Therapy

NHC Cyclo-Therapy can improve blood circulation in legs and feet, improve leg health, and promote the healing of wounds. It can also increase walking distance without pain for people with intermittent claudication.

Our state-of-the-art cyclo-vibration therapy provides a deep massage effect that stimulates the body and improves blood flow in legs and feet – allowing your body to heal naturally.

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About Poor Circulation and Diabetes

Diabetes can result in a higher risk of vascular diseases because of erratic or uncontrolled blood sugar levels. This can lead to arteries narrowing and you will begin to experience a range of symptoms related to poor blood circulation. These include loss of sensation, pain in the feet and lower legs while walking and immobility when they are cold.

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